Lessons I have learned from my newborn

Learning can happen any time, anywhere, and anyone can be a teacher (even without knowing it)!!  I have learned so much from my little one in the three weeks he's been in this world.  He may never know the wisdom he has imparted to me, unless of course he ever reads this post.

My darling baby, thank you for teaching our whole family about...

Peace in the midst of chaos.  How you are able to sleep though the crazy noise in our home astounds me.  You lay there peacefully while others are playing, screaming, stressing, and more all around.  When your immediate needs have been met, there is nothing else to worry about and you can rest easily.  I want to remember that and be more like you.

Trust.  You rely on us totally to care for you.  Right now I’m sure you recognize me, but you are also happy to be handed off to anyone.  As long as they are holding you nicely you love to snuggle with everyone.  I may not feel so snuggly with new people, but the way you trust everyone has me realize that I could be more open and inviting too.

Speaking kindly to others.  I realized the other day that if I can speak so reassuringly to my baby I should do the same to the boys.  As a family we are still getting used to having a new baby that needs lots of attention.  Everyone has been frustrated, tired and not as patient as we could/should be.  For you my little one, the world is new.  I know that you get overwhelmed some times and I’m always there to cuddle, sooth and meet your needs.  Your big brothers are no different.  A little older, but they still get overwhelmed and need comfort.  You are helping me to consciously be more patient and loving.

Communication.  In just the short time we’ve been getting to know each other I have already learned to recognize your different cries.  I know how you like to be held, and I know when you need to go potty.  A few years ago I thought that babies were helpless and just cried about everything.  I lived in a very adult orientated mindset.  But you and your brothers have changed all of that.  I am surprised and excited that you regularly use the potty at only a few weeks old. I honestly thought families that followed elimination communication were crazy.  You have clearly let me know what you need and I am blessed by our strong bond of communication.  I hope this keeps up.  Now I just need to figure out your brothers a little better…

Rest.  I hardly ever sit down.  I feel nervous when I’m not busy doing something.  As a family the boys and I have been used to going out several times a week.  My little baby, you have changed our lives in this way too.  I have learned the important value of resting, being home and enjoying the moment.  Nursing you forces me to sit still.  When I do I can’t help but soak in every precious moment and memorize your adorable little face.  I love the excuse to relax, rest and snuggle with you.  However I really think we need to continue this slower pace as you grow.  What are we rushing around for?

Quiet time is important.  Whether you spend time with God, meditate or something else, it is vital to centre yourself before starting your day.  Being a parent can be exhausting.  It really does take a lot of mental and physical energy to keep up with your children.  I am so thankful that God doesn’t sleep.  He is right there with me in the middle of the night and I can pray to him any time.  I also have a great devotional app on my devices so I can read that while I nurse our little one.  Being up often with my little one has given me the time (an need) to refresh my soul.

.  You are a true miracle!  You are so uniquely and amazingly formed.  You came into this world knowing exactly how to nurse.  Everything about you astounds and overwhelms me.  When I look at your big brothers I am shocked by how quickly time flies.  Thank you my little one for reminding me to stop and appreciate all the miracles that happen each day.

Only complain when something is wrong.  For the most part our little baby only dries when he needs something (diapers change, food, burp, sleep).  It is much easier to empathize and comfort him.  My poor middle child screamed for months on end and we had no idea why (turns out it was food related).  It was much more difficult to be patient and loving.  For myself I am reminded not to complain all the time.  I tend to be melancholic at times, but I know that no one likes to be with a chronic complainer.

Not every lesson is enjoyable.  We all have to live through some hard lessons and mistakes.  I am learning what our baby’s cries mean and how to smooth this screaming little one at 2am.  Next time though I've figured out some tricks to help both of us calm down.

Many families worry about homeschooling and having a newborn.  Even non-homeschool families are concerned about the effect the new baby will have on the family. Try doing a Google search for ‘the baby is the lesson’.  Your new little miracle and family member certainly will impact your lives.  But if you let him teach you amazing things will happen.  You are never too old to learn something new!

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