Our week: Beginning of July

 I have been reflecting a lot recently and realize that I am often so busy taking photos, spending time on Facebook or other things that I am actually missing out on just being and living life.  So I have decided to cut back a little on such things.  I'm still around, but I'm not so busy on the computer.  Most days you'll find me watching the boys play outside or taking them to some fun new parks with their friend who we watch over the summer.  I'm also busy getting ready for our little one due this month!

June ended with some much needed rain.  The boys as always enjoyed digging and making channels in the back yard.

Our gardens have kept us very busy.  What an absolute blessing to grow your own food.  My often picky kids are tasting everything from radishes, onions, peas, and swiss chard from the garden.  MJ is particularly daring.  He loves to make us the most interesting and delicious salads using anything he has gathered that day.  Our new salads often have yellow wax beans and fresh raspberries in them.

We are so excited that we have wild black raspberries growing in our back yard.  We also found lots on a walk to the park with my parents, and at the forest location for the program we are doing in the fall.  We also found wild strawberries in the yard, but they didn't do too much.

Canada Day was fabulous.  We spent some time with my parents as they were home for a few days between travel.  In the evening we had a few families over for a BBQ, s'mores and lots of fun.  We are so thrilled to be building a great community around us.

I mentioned already that we have been outside a lot!  One meet-up was particularly fun and I got photos!  The day was even more eventful because I locked the keys in the car and daddy had to come and get in with a coat hanger while we played in the creek.  It is such a joy to watch a group of children gather together in nature.  This week many of the children hadn't met before, but no matter... they got busy exploring, climbing and building dams.  The organization and team work was amazing!

My boys and our daycare girl missed out on the next meet-up because it may have rained, so we've planed on going back next week to check on the dams.

We've also visited several local splash parks, weekly visits to the library and the farmer's market.  We are part of a few homeschool groups so there is always more than one invite to choose from.  My sister is off work for the summer as a teacher so we also get together with the boys' couins.  At home the children started the month off with Playmobil, then moved on to dress-up, play camping and now paper planes.  They are often crafty, love the trampoline, swing and water.  Oh this week has been all about playing Go-Fish!!!


A regular visitor to our back yard, discovered the vegetable plot this year.  Unfortunately there isn't much one can do to keep a ground hog out if they are determined.  We have no intention to trap or hurt this guy either.  So we moved as many plants as we could to the community garden plot in containers.  We replanted some of the faster growing veggies and have moved the fence to protect what we couldn't move.  The rest we've decided to share.  MJ figures he must be hungry, so he can eat the boys veggies (hopefully our potatoes and pumpkins will be left alone).

MJ is always asking me to head into the forest further to look for the wild raspberries there.  We ventured out but nothing was ready yet.  We did find lots of mosquitos though!

Today TJ surprised us with a party for his toys in the forest.  Oh he is so cute.  We haven't been in our forest for a while because of the bugs.  He asked me for a bit of advice then organized snacks and several games.  First we played pass the parcel and got a life saver, then the challenge was to climb a fallen tree.  Animal charades was lots of fun and the last game was to jump over a stick, which he moved farther and father down the path each time.  After we went back to the house, MJ organized party games too for his Big Doggie.

Next week we plan to go to two creeks, the cottage, and a conservation park!  it is going to be so much fun.  Otherwise I'm just doing what I can to be ready for our little one to arrive...