Our Week: TJ Turns 7

Thought you might all like an update on what we've been up to these past two weeks.  Here are only a few snipits of what we have done.  Lots has been happening, including a birthday!

TJ lost two teeth.  He was really wanted to save one so he wrote a note to the tooth fairy.  She kindly responded leaving his tooth and a cool new rock for his collection.

There is always some new robot or creation around the house.  This is one TJ made.

I left out some hand tools for the boys to discover.  They got right to work drilling holes in everything they could.  TJ made some welcome signs for his fort.  MJ started on some tree blocks.  I got out the skill saw to help move things along and he sanded them down.  Since then they do keep coming back and using the tools on occasion.

The boys have ben attending a midweek program at our church all year.  They had an awards night and carnival.  Of course the boys had a great time playing carnival games!  Both boys received the highest points for the boys in their age groups (points are given for uniforms, memory verse, book work, attendance...).  TJ memorized all the bible verses in his book this year often doing two a week.  MJ finished his verses from last year and completed the book for this year too!!  

We have been going to the same spot in the forest with our friends for several weeks now.  We brought some magnifying glasses, as requested, along with a few other tools, etc to explore.  They loved the magnifying glasses and measuring trees.  We saw snakes and turtles.  A Geo-cache box was found too!

The boys freaked out when they found some beetles in the sandbox.  I enthusiastically suggested we look at them in the bog catcher and observe them.  Everyone drew pictures and wrote about what they saw, then we let our little bugs go.  Anyone know what kind they are???

Lots of work started in the gardens.  The boys cleaned up their flower beds.  TJ and I moved some hosta plants from another spot to his garden.  We also made a trip to the garden centre to buy each boy a new plant to their beds.  

We also got the veggie garden at our house started.  The boys each have a pallet of their own.  They planed out which veggies they wanted and put a few seeds in.  Our community garden has some growth already!  We have some tiny peas, onions and strawberries starting.

TJ's birthday was coming up soon, but my mom was going to be away.  The boys and I had an awesome visit with a fun trip to the park.  Nanny and I also made an airplane shaped cake (lets just say we were making memories not a professional cake here.  Super hilarious but very crumbly).

The next week we went back to our favourite spot with friends again.  It is amazing to see the difference between one week to the next.  The weather had changed, we saw tadpoles, snakes and turtles.  Several new families joined us this visit too.

Back home the boys set up fairy houses, only they used dinosaurs and bug that we had.  TJ has added elaborate decorations and a cool swing.  MJ used all his tree blocks and some Lego to add to his little home.  They played for ages outside visiting each other.

My friend and I organized a Literature Fair / Tea Party for one of the homeschool group we are part of.  We invited everyone to bring their favourite book and present it in any way that the'd like.  We sat families in similar age groups.  Tea and cookies were served and everyone shared about their books with their table groups. I was so impressed with the variety and creativity of the presentations.  There was a board game, scrapbook, reports, songs, costumes, drawings, Lego creations, and more.  New connections and friendships were also made that afternoon.

MJ brought his Touch and Feel Tractor board book from when he was younger.  He wore yellow, green and black like a tractor and brought a toy with him.  TJ brought A Donsey of Gnomes: 7 gentle gnome stories to tell about.  He drew a picture of each of the gnomes in the book and told about their adventures briefly.  I showed everyone Brambly Hedge as I remember having it read to me as a child and now my boys love the stories too.  We especially love the illustrations.

Our busy week ended with a fabulous celebration.  I can't believe my first little baby is already seven years old!!!  Thanks to Pintrest I found some adorable ways to set up a fun airplane themed party.  The baggage claim was for loot bags.

We served some cupcakes, rice krispie squares and a coffee cake.  this celebration was also to recognize Daddy's birthday later in the week and Mother's Day.

The children had a chance to make paper planes, paper helicopters and straw planes.  They tested them out and marked down how far the flew.  We also had some pre-made planes to try and fly through a hoop.  The trampoline was a hit along with pin the propeller on the plane.  Of course I had cute little signs to accompany each station.

In flight snacks and a fueling station kept the guests filled nicely.  TJ had a wonderful time.   We spent the evening playing with his gifts.  Thank you everyone for making his day extra special.


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