Our Week: Lots of outside time

This week is the last week of January.  We got some decent snow and were outside a lot.

TJ's daffodils were all in bloom and gave us some inspiration to paint.  He was very excited to use the new acrylics and canvas that he received this Christmas.  We talked about what different shades we saw and the colours he would need.  TJ experimented with using different brushes for each flower to see how they would turn out.

MJ enjoyed mixing all the colours together.  He took a painting of his own creation then asked me to add a tractor.  He then cut out around his tractor and even used textured scissors for the wheels for the treads.  Next MJ painted a tractor in a corn field with the sun.

While we were at our accountant's the boys played quietly in the waiting area.  TJ wrote out each letter of the alphabet on separate papers.  When we got home he finished filling in any letters he missed.  We talked about what we could do with them and decided to put them on a large paper to make a word wall.

We've been enjoying reading our library books on ancient Egypt and tractors. I have found that the books we read and the shows they watch always inspire some creation from the boys.  This week they added attachments to their cardboard tractors and MJ taped more clock parts together into something.

Early in the week we joined our friends to check out a property they own but have not built on yet. Our children had the most wonderful time exploring the creek and treed area.  Our goal was not to hover but to let them do their own thing (safely of course).  We had a range of ages and everyone got along well and had fun.   We are starting a nature based play group of mixed ages next week.  Here are some articles on the idea here  and here.  

Several homeschool families in our area got together for some outdoor skating.  The skating aids did wonders for the boys confidence.  TJ was going so fast all over the rink.  Both boys had a wonderful time.  Even I got onto the ice for a bit.

We also got together with a few friends to go for a hike.  It was the perfect weather and didn't snow until we left.  Everyone was thrilled to have the birds enjoy some seeds that were brought.  MJ had some land on his head.  We discovered that my red mittens attracted the birds the best.

Later that day, after the boys were done at the YMCA, TJ was invited to play at his friend's house.  They went tobogganing, played store, and Lego.  MJ and I went to pick him up just before dinner and ended up staying over an hour.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends this year.

As a special surprise I took the boys the The Museum in Kitchener.  They happened to have a feature exhibit on Ancient Egypt!!  The first two floors were family interactive areas.  The boys enjoyed the giant foam blocks, huge piano on the floor, mazes, and more.  We also made an Egypt scarab craft.

We dressed as Egyptians, made canals in the water table and even went to a planetarium show.  MJ built some Egypt inspired creations out of wooden blocks and foam blocks.

The display of Egyptian artifacts was impressive.  It was interesting for TJ to see the actual size of the objects that he had been reading about.  We saw a real mummy and learned how MRI and X-rays helped to learn more about the body inside.  King Tut's artifacts were some of our favourites.

As you can see we were out and about a lot this week.  So this weekend we are cleaning and trying to get rid of our colds.  Next week is the history fair so we are going to be finishing up TJ's project display.

I'd love to heard about your adventures...