Our Advent Plans for 2014

We are all getting very excited to set up our advent table on the weekend!  This is our advent table from 2012.  No idea where my photos are from last Christmas.  Each week we add a new element to our table (minerals, plants, animals, people) and tell some advent stories.  Our nativity family follows the star path towards the centre or stable depending on how we set it up.  On the back of each star is an activity for the day.

Here is our list of activities for this year:
Sunday: Advent week 1 story and set up advent table.
1. Set up Christmas tree
2. Decorate some glass ornaments
3. Make some cardboard Christmas trees
4. Write letter to Santa
5. Visit train display at local nature centre
6. Visit animals and activities at local garden store
7. Advent week 2, Cousin's birthday party
8. Homeschool Christmas part
9. Talk about Christmas star and do star craft
10. Do a kind act for someone
11. Nature Christmas crafts
12. Special movie night
13. Christmas baking
14. Advent Week 3, Christmas event at local heritage village
15. Sing Christmas carols
16. Make ginger cookies
17. Deliver cookies for friends and neighbours
18. Angel crafts or salt dough ornaments
19. Homeschool Christmas Party (another one)
20. Make gifts for family
21. Advent week 4, kids singing in church service
22. Shaving cream dough fun 
23. Bake birthday cake for Jesus
24. Visitors, Special family evening together (movie and a gift)

We also want to see the lights one or more nights, read lots of Christmas books, and make gifts for each other.  Those things I'll fit in where ever it works.

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas books:

I can't wait to hear about what you are doing for advent.  Please do share!!


  1. Beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sweet! I haven't blogged about what we are doing this year (we celebrate it as a December countdown, not as Advent), but I have in previous years. You all will have fun!


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