A few October Adventures

I realized I needed to catch up on posts.  Looking at all we have done makes my heart fill with joy.  I love to remember these precious moments, especially on those not so perfect/bad days.

Early in October we went for a nature walk.  I decided to be brave and get out there to talk to the people in our community.  So we chatted with everyone we met along the way.  The boys watched the poop truck empty the port-a-potty and asked the man questions.  We saw another man taking pictures of snails, we would have missed seeing all the snails if we hadn't taken time to ask what he was doing.  TJ noticed a fossil in the rocks.  We also saw the turtles and snakes enjoying the last few warm days.  Along the way we always discuss things like hibernation, changing seasons etc...

My boys have taken a real interest in Mathematics. I tell them stories from "The Gnomes Gemstones" using our math gnomes.  Later we further our learning by discussing the number of the day, dong some word problems, and looking at all the ways we can make a number.

We are very blessed to be able to get together often with my sister and her children along with my mom.  My niece took a day off school to join us at two local farms.  We bought pumpkins, played in hay, enjoyed yummy treats and had a blast!

When we got home from buying pumpkins my boys immediately wanted to carve their pumpkins.  We don't really celebrate Halloween, but rather enjoy all of fall, harvest, Thanksgiving throughout the month.  The boys first drew their ideas on paper then got carving (mommy had to do the guts).  TJ did his pumpkin all by himself!  MJ was pleased to help me out too.  They had an idea to hammer nails all over to make light holes.

TJ's corn husk dog, our family rules, spelling game
TJ's made some major leaps forward in his learning this year.  The boys spends half a day with my mom and sister each week.  They spend some focused one-on-one time doing language, and math.  TJ is proud to be sounding out words trying to read more.  Daddy found a cool spelling game at the thrift store that is a huge hit! 


  1. Oh my goodness, Meaghan! I am incredibly impressed and also...your boys have grown a lot since the last photos I saw of them. (Mine have too...was it something in the air this summer?!) You are an inspiration!


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