MeAgain Creations: Upcycled Denim Jacket

MeAgain Creations is my page on Facebook to sell unique upcycled creations and other fabulous custom orders.  While it is not as active as it once was, I am still around and take on custom orders.  I have also not given up on my own crafts.

This most recent project started with a large pile of jeans and a dream.  I originally was going to make a fabulous floor length denim jacket/dress.  With the addition or some darker denim long skirts and jacket patterns, my dream coat changed a little and became a reality.

So here it is... once some denim skirts, jeans and a fabulous fabric from France is now my awesome fall jacket!!

BUT WAIT!!  It actually isn't 100% finished yet.  I was just too excited to wait until the gorgeous belt was done to show off the rest of the jacket.  So here is the coat alone and I'll post it again once I've finished the beautifully embroidered belt.

I've also included some pictures below to a few of my other recent projects.

Next up are pyjama pants for my boys, sweatpants too, and an incredible hand embroidered wool skirt.  My mom also gave me some fabulous wool so I will be knitting up a few sweaters over the winter as well.

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