A week of smaller projects

Wow what a great week we've had.  I really tried to narrow down my photos but we just did so much.  
Trip to the local apple farm with kids play area

MJ's gears, and several snow blowers

MJ has been a super builder this week, as usual.  He made me a few videos to describe his creations.  We watched some videos all about how snowblowers, chainsaws, rototillers etc. work and this has transferred into his play.  We gave him tool box full of old parts and he was in heaven!  We took the tool box for a walk too.  The boys helped me to select their own baking supplies for concoctions/potions which has helped to keep that under control.  MJ is also adorable telling stories all the time.  He love to have a turn after me each day at story time.

MJ's tools and parts, concoctions, and story telling

Chainsaw progression
TJ has impressed me with his determination this week.  After watching a video on how chainsaws work, TJ really wanted to paint one.  At first he was very frustrated that his first one wasn't as expected.  I suggested practicing a few times and drawing lightly in pencil first.  He draw one he really liked but then painting over it became smudgy.  We talked about different mediums to use and he settled on markers.  He coloured it in and asked me to smooth around the edges.  We re-did his handle and he proudly cut it out and framed his drawing!

TJ's fishing week
Fishing became a passion later in the week.  We visited a local conservation area with a lake.  We didn't catch anything, so TJ played with a large lure.  At home he asked us to remove the hooks and played fishing for several days (he even made a lake of blankets).  On the weekend TJ made his own lures, we looked up different types of fish he might catch along with different types of lures that are popular.  This enriched his play even more.  The Magic School bus has some fun fish related episodes.  TJ has really improved his casting out.  MJ and I have been playing along too.  I think we'll be fishing into the next week or so...

Other things we've been up to include demolition of the outside wall on the garage.  The whole family took turns removing bricks, wood and dirt.  It is all ripped up now, and we are re-grading all the way around the garage area.  My boys are hard working.

Math makes it's way into everything.  We did patterning with nuts and bolts.  They love the flyers from the grocery store to tell me what's on sale.  I usually probe more and ask a few shopping math type questions.  The boys come to me and tell me lots of math facts too (TJ was doubling and MJ was adding on their own accord). 

At the apple farm we bought a large bag of seconds.  This made a tone of apple sauce, and dried apples.  Of course my special helpers were awesome, and then took these activities into their own play more.

TJ's been practicing his letters.  We tell stories each day or either a capital or lowercase letter, then MJ tells me his stories.  We practice the letters on the chalk board and in other ways.  TJ is creating an alphabet book to help us teach MJ his letters.

So my goal coming up is to work on balancing house work, garage renos, office work, homeschooling, play etc so that it flows a little better.  We are having a great time and look forward to welcoming the fall.

I'd love to hear what you are doing.  Please do share....
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  1. Thank you! It's lovely to see how you do PBH! We had our kindergarden boys in a local Waldorf school for a semester - it's a lovely educational environment!


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