Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lego Party

Happy 4th Birthday MJ

Wow I can't believe my little guy is growing so quickly. My wonderful little boy always has a smile to share.  He adores tractors (wants to grow up to be a farmer), and is always building something.  He has a great imagination and is full of energy!
MJ's actual birthday celebration
On MJ's actual birthday he woke up to a great surprise of Lego, including motors, and gears to go along with it.  After playing Lego for a while we joined my mom, sister and her children at a playground/splash park for the afternoon.  We had a wonderful time.  For dinner MJ chose Ikea.  He loved his new robot sweater, he even makes the buttons do things.

We had toyed with the idea of doing a construction theme for his birthday, but then he became Lego obsessed so here we are with an awesome Lego theme for my 4 year olds birthday!!!

Lego party decorations
There were so many ideas on Pintrest.  I used some Lego colouring pages to help me out.  In the goody bags were some Lego type blocks I found at the dollar store.

Lego party food
The food was mostly appetizers and platters,  I used some organizing bins as trays along with Mega Block cutlery holder.  McDonalds Lego cups worked our great for drinks.

Lego Party activities
For the activities the children mostly played in the yard and on the trampoline.  I wrote a story about a Lego farmer and his friends building things.  Then the children went off on a scavenger hunt around the property for Mega Blocks, then build a unique creation with them.  Later we also played pass the parcel (the prize was Lego type candy).  As you can see the cake was mini loafs pieced together.

We had a wonderful time and are so thankful for everyone coming to spend the afternoon with us.  The generous gifts were much loved.  And now they boys are finally (hopefully) asleep.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Our Alphabet Adventures A-D

This year TJ asked me to teach him his alphabet.  Now, he already can recognize the letters and can write most of them just from life, playing, stories, media, asking questions and trying it out.  We hadn't yet taken time to formally teach the alphabet though.  In traditional Waldorf schools children would be doing this in grade one when they are around age 7, but being at home and knowing this particular child I felt he was ready now at age 6 for the formal intro.
Modelling letter A, TJ and MJ's chalk practice.
We are taking the summer to really engage with each letter, the sounds and how it looks.  Both boys are participating, MJ is working on recognition.  He is now finding letters all over the place, even making his own from sticks and things.
Mommy's chalk drawing for letter B, drawing letters in the sand
We are using Earth Schooling along with Fairy Mail.  For each letter of the alphabet we have some poems and form the letter in the air while reciting it.  We do lots of movement and yoga for each letter, form the letter using found objects and model each letter.  There are stories that correspond to each letter and we also draw pictures of object that start with the letter.  Sign language is included along with lots of writing practice.  Every few days TJ adds a new page to create his own alphabet book.
TJ's best C, using our bodies to make the letter C
In the fall when his curriculum brings up the alphabet letters again we will be focusing on writing the lowercase letters that he finds more difficult at this point.  We'll also work on reading and his artwork for the book he is making.  It'll be a year in the making but one I know he'll treasure.

Letter practice in a workbook, using wand to draw letters and recite poems, Big boy lost his first tooth!

Friday, 6 June 2014

End of May activities

We have been very busy recently.  The weather has been great for getting outside, exploring and having fun.  Of course blogging gets set aside most days for office work, lesson planing, and being out with the boys.

The boys have been using scraps of wood left over from our shed project to build their own wild creations.  TJ made a garage, bench and bike jump.  Not sure what MJ's things are.  They also used the wood to make dams while playing with the hose.

TJ participated in his very first literature fair.  He created a folder project on the book "Curious George" then shared with with a group of homeschooler s.  He was very well spoken and learned a lot!

Mommy has a also had a little time to be crafty.  I have decided to close down my online crafting business to focus on our family, homeschooling and running the office for our electrical/fire protection company.  I was able to manage a few last projects.  I made myself a shirt, a fully reversible doll carrier, and a large quilt made of baby receiving blanket.

TJ's been getting more brave and adventurous.  He is usually on wheels of some sort.  His bike, scooter and skateboard are all getting lots of use.  MJ always has some Lego creation in his hands, or bed.  He is getting more confident on his bicycle too.

 We were so excited to attend a really fun event call "Touch-a-truck".  The fair ground was litterally covered in dozens of different trucks, tractors, etc.  Children got to climb inside and ask questions.  My boys had huge smiles as they tried out every truck they could find.

Hurray we have a shed!!!  I know it needs a door, but finally all our toys and gardening equipment is off the lawn and into this lovely shed that daddy built.  The boys had fun "helping" too.

Stay tuned as we start our adventure with the alphabet.  Over the next the next three months we will be learning, drawing, writing, creating and exploring each letter of the alphabet.